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AJ Lavilla is a self-taught visual artist born in Ilo-Ilo City, Philippines and is currently based in Queens, New York. Inspired by graffiti and street art, AJ's work can be identified by vivid colors with his use of pop culture icons and characters whilst incorporating motivational quotes from the books he reads and listens to while painting.

AJ has painted a number of murals in and around New York City including the World Trade Center. Along with his murals, he has also collaborated with sneaker brands such as Toms and Cariuma and has a long list of clients like CBRE, V3 Management, and South East Asia Market just to name a few.

As an artist, AJ's goal is "to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams and be passionate with what they do", and that is exactly the reason why he has worked with and donated artworks to organizations such as Minds Ahead, Chefs for Kids and Young New Yorkers.

AJ also has an organization back home in Ilo-Ilo - Protect Our Dream Organization - where they provide art workshops to kids.