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Originally from California, Dirt Cobain currently resides in Brooklyn. He uses a blend of street art and pop art to create his own style. His work can be found Coast to Coast in areas such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco, and Hollywood.“For me, art is like my drug. That’s my rush.” “Part of my style, with ‘Dirt Cobain,’ and ‘dirty,’ I like to keep it kind of street and grimy,” Cobain adds. “So when I saw that there was already graffiti there, I thought it was perfect. I want it to blend in with other street art.”

Cobain, who was born in San Jose, has spent much of the past seven years living in Los Angeles. Growing up, he loved coming to San Francisco and says the street-art scene — with its neighborhoods of graffiti and wild lettering — helped inspire him to become an artist. But he didn’t venture into the street for real until around 2013, when he “fell into it” after deciding he should do something radical with his life instead of, well, keeping his art to himself, in his room. The first art he put up in L.A. was a literal canvas.

“I was sitting in my apartment, broke at the time, barely getting by, and me and my friend were there — and I had all this art that I didn’t know what to do with — and we lived in this part of town where there was a lot of street art, and I would always drive by and look at it and say, ‘My art is better than this,’ ” Cobain says. “I told my friend, ‘What if I took one of my paintings and just glued it to the wall?’ He turned and looked at me and said, ‘Dude, that’s a fucking great idea. I’ll drive you right now.’ ” (SF WEEKLY)