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Marco Santini is an award-winning NYC-based street artist, fashion designer, photographer, and inventor who draws inspiration from inclusion, positivity, and language.

He studied Linguistic Anthropology at Brown University, where he was intrigued by the relationship between communication, expression, and imagery. Marco worked at branding agencies in NYC before fully committing to the arts. His geometric style is expressed across multiple mediums, including spray paint, paint markers, window markers, acrylics, magazines, textiles, and digital art. Santini’s One Love logo features the word love in 50+ languages hidden within his geometric motif. The logo is meant to signify that there is more that unites us than divides us as a human race. Santini’s work has been featured at Art Basel, SXSW, Rare Art Gallery, Flywheel Gallery, GalleryBar, Rogue Gallery, Arts United, Grolsch Headquarters, Art House in East Hampton, Bond’s Real+Art Chelsea & the Quarterly Art Soiree at Webster Hall.